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Gum Treatments

gumGum disease can be prevented and treated successfully by a course of hygiene treatment. The aim of the treatment is to find the best regime for the patient to achieve the highest level of oral hygiene and for the hygienist to remove any deposits of dental plaque or calculus from the teeth and roots in order to allow the gums to recover and heal.

For more advanced gum disease special antibiotics and surgical treatments are sometimes used after the initial course of hygiene treatment.

The occurrence of excessive gum tissue or gum recession can sometimes be treated with specialised surgical techniques to improve the appearance, comfort, function and longevity of the gums.

In the long term, gum health can only be maintained by patients achieving excellent levels of oral hygiene by effective tooth cleaning on a daily basis. Regular visits to a dental hygienist are also needed to provide “supportive care” and ensure health and stability of the gums.